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Elections of representatives of parents of LFKL students to the School Committee (ALL parents) and to the Primary School Council (only for Primary students' parents)

Thursday 14 OCTOBER 2021

From 8.00am to 5.00pm, by online vote, details in the email from LFKL.

TO VOTE FOR APEKL, it is to choose:

  • A non-profit association, completely apolitical and secular, involved in the daily life of our school, but also in projects for the future.

  • A partner and privileged interlocutor with the administration of Lycée Henri FAUCONNIER and its governing bodies to represent the interests of parents and their children.

  • A constructive and positive perspective, based on an open dialogue, which remains the best method of advancing the various projects.

  • An active group of parents who develop projects for the benefit of the kids, and social events to strengthen the links between the LFKL community members.

Liste of our candidates :

Candidate list.png
ACTIONS 2020/2021

  • Permanent dialogue between the various players involved in your children's schooling (Board of Directors, Provisor, Headmaster, teachers, etc.) Active participation in school councils, school boards, scholarship committees, safety committees, "Menus" committees (visiting the canteen and taking part in the children's meals), environmental committees, pollution committees, etc. 

  • Support for the school's projects by financing equipment or awarding a grant for an outing or a trip. 

  • Organisation of events for the school and parents ( Café de rentrée, Yearbook, calendar ...) to strengthen the links between LFKL community members

  • Information for members and parents, via emails, Facebook and the APEKL website. 

  • Relays parents' questions and concerns to the authorities during informal meetings with the pedagogical director (provisional and school director) and the Administrative Council. 


Our propositions for 2021-2022


  • Active participation in the governing bodies, relaying parents' questions, establishing a constructive dialogue with the various players in your children's schooling.

  • To be a driving force in making proposals on how to welcome more and more non-French-speaking children, particularly in kindergarten.

  • To support and propose new projects at the LFKL for the children but also for ALL parents.

  • Information for members and parents, via emails, newsletter, Facebook and the APEKL website. 

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