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APEKL is a member of the FAPÉE (Federation of Associations of Parents of French Schools Abroad).

The FAPÉE is a federation independent of any political, trade union or religious groups. Created more than 35 years ago, it federates, represents and defends the parents' associations of French educational establishments throughout the world. It is the only federation competent to deal with the specific problems of French education abroad.

The FAPÉE works for the development of quality, plurilingual and welcoming education: application of French programmes, openness to the language and culture of the host country, adapted training of teachers and administrative staff, etc.

The FAPÉE sits on the Board of Directors of the AEFE.

APEKL is a non-profit association, totally apolitical and secular, involved in the daily life of the Lycée, but also in projects for the future.

The Committee, which manages the APEKL Association, is composed of 14 members elected by the members of the Association. The Bureau is elected for a renewable term of one year.

The members of the Bureau are totally voluntary and some of them are involved on a part-time or full-time basis with the Association.

At the beginning of each school year, as throughout the year, all parents are invited to become members of the Association. After the start of each school year, the Association meets at a General Assembly to elect new candidate members or to renew certain mandates for the Committee.

Any parent of the school and APEKL member who wishes to get involved and who has time at his or her disposal can apply.

Our Mission
Mission APEKL UK.jpg

​APEKL is a partner and privileged interlocutor with the administration of the Lycée Henri FAUCONNIER and its management authorities to represent the interests of parents and their children.

APEKL firmly believes in positive and constructive dialogue, which remains the best method of moving forward on the various projects.

APEKL organises communication between the different educational partners of the Lycée and the parents. APEKL keeps parents and members informed of school news.

The Association gives a voice to all families on its Facebook page and disseminates information through this site and through the various reports of the School Councils, School Councils, and other bodies on which elected parents sit.


To involve all parents in their children's schooling and in the future of their school, in a real partnership.


You will find the Charter of the association which the elected candidates must sign by committing themselves in the Bureau as well as the APEKL Statutes.

The APEKL has been officially registered as an association in France in November 2018. The Official Journal publication is available here.

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